La Martiniere for Boys offers an all-round education up to the Higher Secondary Level. It is affiliated to the Indian School Certificate Examinations New Delhi, which conducts the ICSE and ISC Examinations at the close of Classes X and XII respectively.

Teaching Methodology

Different strategies of teaching and learning are adopted at every level. The focus is not simply on the textbook but on a more practical and proactive approach whereby the students’ skills, creativity and attitudes are constantly challenged and enhanced. The Project based approach recommended by the CISCE is followed. The facilities provided by the 5 IT enabled rooms are used.

Our Faculty

The faculty at La Martiniere for Boys comprises 136 well qualified teachers to teach various subjects as well as games and yoga. The teaching faculty is very experienced with more than 75% of the teaching staff having a minimum experience of 5 years and 32 % of our teaching faculty has a teaching experience of more than 15 years.


Mr. John Rafi

Mr. John Rafi

M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed


Vice-PrincipalMr. John StephenM.Sc. (Chem), B.Ed
Head, Middle SectionMr. S. MenezesB.Sc. (Hons), B.Ed
Headmistress, Junior SectionMrs. N. D’SilvaB.Sc., T.T.C.
Teacher-in-Charge, Nursery SectionMs. M. RixonB.A., T.T.C.

House Masters / Mistress

Mr. P. K. DeM.Sc., B.Ed. (Charnock House)
Mr. S. MenezesB.Sc. (Hons), B.Ed. (Martin House)
Mr. D. DuttaMCA. M.Sc., B.Ed. (Hastings House)
Mr. B. SinghM.A., B.Ed., M.Phil, Dip. In Translation (Macaulay House)

House Masters / Mistresses : Middle School

Mr S. GuptaCharnock House
Mr. M. DevHastings House
Mrs. S. KrishnanMacaulay House
Ms. S. ChatterjeeMartin House

House Mistresses Junior School

Mrs. A. KollannurCharnock House
Mrs. R. KapoorHastings House
Mr. L. ConwayMacaulay House
Mrs. S. BhattacharjeeMartin House

Senior & Middle Section Teaching Staff

Ms. S. ArmsteadM.A., (Eng.) B.Ed.
Ms. M. Bagh BandyopadhyayM.A. (Pol.Sc), M.Phil., B. Lib. Sc.,B.Ed., Dip. In Public Relations
Mrs. B. BanerjeeM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. A. BhajuB.Sc. (Phy. Hons), B.Ed.
Mrs. Y. Keshwani BhartiM.A. B.Ed.
Mr. A.K. BhattacharyyaM.Sc., B.Ed., M.S. (Software System)
Mrs. R. BhattacharyaM.Sc. (Chem.), M.A. (Eng.), B.Ed.
Mrs. C. BoseM.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.
Mrs. I. ChakrabortyM.Sc. (Eco & Env), B.Ed., Dip. In Public Relations.
Mrs. S. ChakrabarthyM.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Aditi Chatterjee M.A., B.Ed.
Mr. D.K. ChatterjeeM.Com., B.Ed.
Mr. P. ChatterjeeM.A., M. Phil., B.Ed.
Mrs. P. ChatterjeeM.A., B.Ed.
Mr. P. ChatterjeeM.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.
Ms. S. ChatterjeeM.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mr. Devasia E.D.M.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. P. DuttaM.A., (Eng) Double, B.Ed. Dip. In French
Mr. M. DevM.A., B.Ed.
Mr. R. DeyM.Sc.
Mr. K. DuttaM.Sc.,B.Ed.
Mr. S. GangulyM.A., B.Ed.
Mr. S. GhoshM.A., B.Ed., TESOL
Ms. A. GomesM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. B. GomesM.A., B.Ed.
Mr. V. X. GomesM.Com., B.Ed.
Mrs. O. GooptuM.A., B.Ed.
Ms. M. GuptaM.A., B.Ed.
Mr. S. GuptaM.A., M. Phil.
Mrs. N. GurungB.A., (Hons.), B.Ed.
Mrs. S. KrishnanM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. F. LiaoM.Com., B.Ed.
Ms. R. MajumderB.V.A., Dip. In Textile Design (Masters), M.A.
Mrs. A. MukherjeeM.Sc., P.G.D.C.A.
Mr. D. PalM.F.A.
Mr. J. E. PaulM.A., (Eng), B.Ed.
Mrs. D. RayM.A., B.Ed.
Mr. S. RoyM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. Sudip RoyM.A., B.Ed.
Dr. D. RoyM.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Ms. T. RoyM.A., B.Ed.
Ms. A. SahaM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mr. P. SurB.A., M.P.Ed.
Mr. S. K. SurM.Sc.Chem. (Ag), M.Phil (Env. Sc.),B.Ed.
Mrs. J. RoyM.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. M. SethM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mrs. S. ShardaM.Sc., B.Ed.
Mrs. R. BhattacharyaM.Sc., M.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. S. Rahman SiddiquiM.A., B.Ed.

Junior Section Teaching Staff

Ms. S. Mazumdar AgarwalB.A. (Hons), B.Ed.
Mrs. B. AleeHelper Teacher, H.S., In Service TTC, (ISC Council)
Mrs. P. AnthonyT.T.C.
Mrs. D. BansalB.Sc., B.Ed., T.T.C.
Mrs. A. BasuHelper Teacher, H.S., Mont., In Service TTC, (ISC Council)
Mrs. N. BasuT.T.C.
Mrs. S. BhattacharjeeB.Sc., T.T.C.
Ms. S. BiswasHelper Teacher, H.S.
Ms. S. N. BiswasHelper Teacher, H.S., Mont.
Ms. S. BoseHelper Teacher, H.S., Mont.
Ms. A. N. BatlivalaHelper Teacher, T.T.C.
Ms. C. BaxlaHelper Teacher, H.S., Mont. /PPTT.
Ms. I. ChandakDip.Mont., B.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. S. ChawlaM.A. (Hindi), B.Ed.
Ms. S. ChoudhuriHelper Teacher, B.Com., Mont. PPTTC
Mrs. I. ChatterjeeB.A. (Eng.Hons.), T.T.C.
Ms. A. ChatterjeeB.Sc., B.Tech.
Mr. L. ConwayT.T.C.
Mr. U. Das B.P.Ed.
Mrs. G. DaveHelper Teacher, M.S.F., Mont /PPTT
Mrs. T. DeyHelper Teacher, M.S.F.
Mrs. R. DoshiB. Sc., T.T.C.
Ms. A. Dutta(Computer-Junior), B.A.(Eng.Hons.), M.Sc. (I.T.)
Mrs. S. GangulyB.A., B.Ed.
Mr. F. GomesB.Com., T.T.C.
Ms. S. GomesB.A. (Pol Sc.Hons), B.Ed.
Mrs. T. GuptaT.T.C.
Mr. N. GomezT.T.C.
Mrs. M. GuptaB.A. (Hons), T.T.C.
Mrs. S. IqbalB.Com., T.T.C.
Mrs. S. Islam T.T.C.
Mrs. A. IrwinM.A., T.T.C.
Mrs. R. JordanHelper Teacher, M.S.F., Mont /PPTT
Mrs. Z. JosephHelper Teacher, H.S. (NOS), T.T.C.
Mrs. S. KhannaM.A., B.Ed. (Dip. in Translation
Mrs. S. KhilaniB.Sc., B.Ed.
Mrs. A. KollannurB.A. (Hons), B.Ed.
Mrs. I. LamaHelper Teacher, Mont / PPTT
Mrs. N. LewisHelper Teacher, Mont.
Ms. R. MalhotraHelper Teacher, B.A.(Hons), M.A.(Mass Com. & Journalism), Mont.
Mrs. R. MallickB.A. (Eng Hons), T.T.C., Mont
Ms. M. MeharaM.A. (Eng.), T.T.C.
Ms. A. MoitraB.Com. (Hons) T.t.C.
Ms. Abhinandita MukherjeeHelper Teacher, M.A. 
Mrs. C. B. MunroeHelper Teacher, M.S.F.
Ms. O. Raouf QadriB.A., T.T.C.
Mrs. P. RizviHelper Teacher, H.S., Mont., PPTT
Ms. Rangoli RoyHelper Teacher, B.A. (Hons), PPTT
Mrs. R. RoufB.A., T.T.C.
Mrs. S. B. Sanyal B.Com., M.B.A., T.T.C.
Ms. M. SequeiraB.A., T.T.C.
Ms. A. SealT.T.C., Pursuing B.A. (Eng.)
Ms. R. SarkarM.A., B.Ed., Montessori Teacher’s Training, Dip. in Early Childhood Care + Education.
Ms. A. SharmaM.A., B.Ed., T.T.C.
Mrs. P. P. SinghT.T.C.
Mrs. R. SikriT.T.C.
Mr. R. ToppoB.Com., T.T.C.
Mrs. Y. TangreeB.A. (Hist. Hons), T.T.C.
Mrs. S. VincentHelper Teacher, ICSE
Mrs. N. WunnT.T.C.
Ms. A. RoyB.A. (Eng), B.Sc., T.T.C.
Mrs. A. PetersT.T.C.
Mrs. R. KapoorB.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. R. RoyB.A. (Hons), T.T.C.

Academic Counselor

Mrs. O. GooptuM.A., B.Ed.

School Counselor

Mrs. R. SanyalM.A. (Clin.Psych.)
Ms. S. MukherjeeM.Sc. In Applied Psychology
Mr. P.D. DewanM.Sc. Psychology (Counseling)

Special Educators

Mrs. I. ChakrabortyB.A. (Eng.Hons.), T.T.C., B.Ed. (Spl.Edu.), P.G. Dip. In Distance Edu.
Mrs. S. ChowdhuryB.A., Certificate in Sp.Education
Ms. S. ChadhaM.A. (Pol. Sc.), B.Ed., B.Ed. (Spl. Edu.)
Ms. M. SarkarM.A. (Eng.), B.Ed. (Spl. Ed.)

Music Teachers

Mr. V. TadevosyanM.A. (Music)
Mr. T. ChatterjeeGrade 8 Violin, Grade 5 Music Theory, M.Sc. Environmental System Management


Mrs. M. DasguptaMLIS, M.A. (Sociology)
Mrs. K. Sarkar BoseMLIS, B.A. (Pol. Sc. Hons.), B.Lib.Sc.

House Staff

Mr. B. FrancisWarden
Ms. H. LeblondMatron
Mr. S. AbrahamSergeant Steward-cum-Mess-Incharge
Mr. T. FrancisDormitory Master

Medical Staff

Dr. F. AlamM.B.B.S.
Sister M. WoodwardR.N.R.M., Dip. In Intensive Care Unit, Ward Admin., B.Sc.

Academic Policy

i) Class-wise age group as on 31st May, will be as follows:

Age Group 2+Yrs. 3+ Yrs. 4+ Yrs. 5+ Yrs 6+ Yrs. 7+ Yrs. 8+ Yrs. 9+ Yrs. 10+ Yrs. 11+ Yrs. 12+ Yrs. 13+ Yrs. 14+ Yrs. 15+ Yrs. 16+ Yrs.

ii) When a boy’s detention in the same class makes him too old for his class, the Principal shall have his name removed from the school rolls.

iii) Boys who are detained in a class at the end of the year, and are within the age group MAY be allowed to repeat the class, ONCE.

i) Promotion will be decided on the whole year’s performance and not merely on the basis of the final examination.
ii) For classes IX and XI, the Annual Examination will be based on the full year’s syllabi.
iii) For classes VI to VIII, the Annual Examination syllabi will be the 2nd Term’s syllabi with any addictions that may be decided by the subject teachers.
Classes I and III
A continuous assessment system is taken into consideration for promotion.

Classes IV and V
i) Each term carries equal weightage i.e.50%.
ii) A continuous assessment system is taken into consideration for promotion.
iii) Minimum pass grade is Grade 6.

Classes VI to VII
i) Minimum pass grade in all subject is Grade 7
ii) P.E., Moral Science, Art and Third Language carry alphabetical grade.

Classes VIII
i) Minimum pass grade in all subject is Grade 7.
ii) P.E., Moral Science, Art and Third Language carry alphabetical grade.
iii) In order to pass, a boy must pass in English (Language and Literature combined) and any four of the following subjects, Second Language, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Computer Studies.

Class IX
i) Minimum pass grade is Grade 7
ii) In order to pass, a boy must pass in English and any four subject.

Class XI
Minimum pass grade is Grade 7
ii) In order to pass, a boy must pass in English and any three subject.

N.B. 1. From Class VI to IX where the pass grade is Grade 7 the percentage equivalent is 35%.
2. In Classes XI and XII where the pass grade is Grade 8 the percentage equivalent is 40%.
3. A continuous unit test / assignment is taken into consideration for promotion for final assessment for classes VI – XII.

1. The Progress Report Card is an official transcript. No separate transcript for a term or terms is issued.
2. A duplicate Progress Report Card, or School Dairy, can be requested for on payment of a fine of Rs. 150/- in each case.
3. Parents/Guardians are requested to sign the Terminal Progress Reports in the appropriate place at the proper time and to note the number of days your son may have been absent during the term.

1. Every boy is required to do assignments set on class as well as any homework that is set for the day. Parents are requested to ensure that homework assigned is completed on time.

a) The first time a boy fails to hand is homework, his failure to do so will be recorded, by the his subject teacher in class file, that is meant for this purpose, which will be kept in the Vice Principal’s office.

b) If this is repeated the matter shall be recorded in the Complaint Register and parents will be called in to meet the Principal/Vice Principal/Section Head.

c) In case of a third repetition in a particular subject, a boy may be penalized by being barred from any club or co-curricular activity for a period of time.

d) Should a boy persist in not submitting work, he will be penalized by having 5 marks deducted from his Unit Test score in the relevant subject. Parents will be intimated by letter.

e) Even after this, if the boy fails to submit assignments, 10 marks will be deducted from his score at the Terminal Examination and the parents informed accordingly.

2. All boys are required to bring their text and exercise books for their respective subjects every working day, unless otherwise specified.

a) The first time a boy fails to bring either his text books or exercise books, the Subject Teacher will record his name in a class file, that is meant for this purpose, which will be kept in the Vice Principal’s office.

b) If this is repeated the matter shall be recorded in the Complaint Register and parents will be called in to meet the Principal/ Vice Principal/Section Head.

c) If this continues, for more that 3 times in a particular subject, the Principal shall inform the parent in writing and a copy of he same will be filed in the student’s file.
In such cases the student may face school sanctions as determined by the authorities, which could include supervised study post school hours and being barred from club and co-curricular activities.

i) Requests on plain paper in case of railway concession, and/or printed forms (available from airline office) in the case of air concessions, must reach the Principal’s Secretary’s office at least TWO WEEKS before the school closes for vacations.

ii) It is not possible to issue concession vouchers if applications are not received on time.

iii) Railway concessions are available for journeys between Calcutta and home towns only.

Application for Transfer Certificate must be signed by both parents (where applicable)

NOTE : The Principal guided by the common code of justice and fair play, may exercise his discretionary powers for changing any of the conditions mentioned above, in exceptional cases.